Use Advice

Benefit from Expertise

The main connection between your investments and superior portfolio management should be someone with the expertise and impartiality to guide your choices and decisions. This is the true first step in determining your investment strategy. Whatever you may be investing for, invest with guidance to overcome the emotions that interfere with finding and sticking to a strategy. Assuming that you choose advice, and assuming you get it from a CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisor, how can you most benefit from it?

Communicate Openly

Be candid with your advisor about your investments and your expectations for them. If he or she only has a partial picture of your overall portfolio, your tolerance for risk, your timeline for return, he or she can only provide a partial solution. Trust is a foundation of the relationship created by CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisors with their clients. But trust must operate in both directions to deliver the results you're seeking.

Be Disciplined

Markets can change rapidly. If you're prone to react to every rise and fall in your portfolio's value, you could sustain a needless loss. A plan can keep you focused with a sound investment strategy that is neither static nor unresponsive. Being disciplined is key to investing successfully. Having a trusted advisor serve as a source of expertise and reinforcement when markets seem unfavourable can provide you with the confidence you need to succeed.

View the Whole Picture

Professional money managers scrutinize each investment to determine if it belongs within their portfolios, but never lose sight of their overall goals. When appraising your own investments, keep the whole picture in view. While individual holdings must answer for themselves, they should be seen within the overall context so that their value can be properly assessed.

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