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Advantages of the CIBC Private Wealth Pools

Exclusive to CIBC Wood Gundy clients

Your CIBC Wood Gundy investment advisor has direct access to the committee members, ensuring their insights are available to you.

Proprietary multi-disciplined investment approach

To create a unique approach to manage volatility and seek investment opportunities, we leverage fundamental, technical, and quantitative perspectives.

Enhanced portfolio construction

To ensure the best ideas are reflected, our portfolio construction avoids overdiversifying by investing in a maximum of 40 equity holdings.

Highly experienced management team 

Spanning decades of industry experience, our team members are multi-disciplinary subject matter experts.  

Multi-disciplined active investment approach

The CIBC Private Wealth Pools use a multi-disciplined active investment management approach, eliminating many of the weaknesses of single-style approaches. Our approach lets us create the foundation for strong portfolios and sets the stage for superior stock selection through knowledgeable, objective, and timely investment decisions.

Your CIBC Wood Gundy investment advisor will help define your investment objectives, determine your asset allocation, and choose the CIBC Private Wealth Pool best suited to you. 

Prices and performance

Due to regulations, performance can’t be displayed in the first year of inception.

Let's connect

Your CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisor will work with you to clearly define your investment objectives, determine your asset allocation, and choose the pool that is suitable for you. Enjoy the peace of mind from having an actively managed and continuously monitored investment portfolio, managed by institutional quality investment managers.

For more information about the CIBC Private Wealth Pools© or to determine if one of our portfolios is right for you, contact your CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisor today.

Reporting and governance

Access the latest regulatory documents, such as fund facts, prospectuses, annual information forms, financial statements, management reports of fund performance and more.