Know Yourself

A key starting point for all investing is to know yourself. In fact, one of the very first things your CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisor will do is to help you identify your investor profile. Here are some key considerations for getting the self-knowledge that can help determine the optimal investment strategy for you.

Financial Goal

You're more likely to achieve a goal if you define it. If you can say you want to have a specific sum in five years' time, you can invest more effectively. Having a goal focuses your choices and decision-making.

Time Horizon

Knowing your "investment time horizon," or when you need a return from your investments is key to determining which type of investments best match your financial goals. Some investments may be too volatile for brief periods; other types may not offer adequate long-term growth.

Risk Tolerance

Everyone is sensitive to risk: some fear losses; others fear missing the maximum gain. However you respond to risk, you should be aware of your tolerance to it as it does influence which investments you choose.

Investment Knowledge

You may have limited knowledge about investing or you may be quite sophisticated. Towards defining your strategy, ask if you really understand what you're investing in, or if you have knowledge gaps that would benefit from an Investment Advisor.

Financial Situation

Your personal finances may be robust or strapped. You may owe money or be owed money, receiving a regular income or just faced with special expenses. Where you are in your personal financial cycle is critical to forming an effective investment strategy.

Other Considerations

For some people, investing must be consistent with deeply held values. Whether you invest primarily for the returns you're seeking or according to explicitly defined principles, it will affect where you place your money.

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