Fee based Investing

Keep It Simple With One All-Inclusive Fee

In life, one size doesn't always fit all. Take investing as an example. For many investors, a conventional investment account where you pay a commission each time you make a trade suits them just fine. But what about investors who find keeping track of individual commissions too complicated and time consuming?

For those investors, there's the option of a fee-based account to simplify things. With a fee-based account, like CIBC Wood Gundy's Portfolio Partner, you can say goodbye to individual transaction fees and replace them with one transparent asset-based fee. Paying one fee not only saves time, but alleviates the stress of making decisions based on the concern of commission costs.

A fee-based account offers you greater agility in your investment choices, providing the option to make changes to your portfolio or take advantage of immediate opportunities without the concern for transaction fees. One fee means you don't need to worry about accumulating transaction costs and can instead focus on achieving your financial goals. Your annual fee entitles you to a generous number of commission-free trades each year based on the value of your account.

Your CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisor will work with you to create, implement, and manage a customized financial strategy, as you see fit, making adjustments to suit changing market conditions and personal circumstances. You'll also have access to a wide array of investment choices to build the portfolio that's right for you.

Whether your priority is saving for retirement or building wealth through non-registered investments, you can take advantage of a fee-based account. Annual administration fees for all enrolled registered accounts and one Asset Advantage Account are waived and you will also be entitled to CIBC Wood Gundy's preferred interest rates on Canadian and U.S. cash balances for registered and non-registered accounts. You can also benefit from all the services offered by CIBC Wood Gundy including top-ranked research, detailed account statements and online account access.

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Find Your Fee-Based Investment Service

Fee-based investing has become more desirable by investors in recent years, as a growing number of Canadians find these services have many advantages compared to traditional commission-based accounts.

Successful investing is more than just a series of transactions. That's why fee-based accounts do not charge transaction fees every time a trade is made. Instead, a monthly or quarterly fee is charged based on the assets in your account. Benefiting from the professional advice of a qualified expert and knowing that someone you trust is looking out for your best interests is the foundation of a fee-based account. This includes investment advice, portfolio construction, rebalancing, keeping you informed and ongoing monitoring - giving you the freedom to focus on what's most important to you.

Fee-based investing comes in many forms. At CIBC Wood Gundy, we have a choice of services to fit different types of investors. For those who enjoy working closely with their Investment Advisor to build and grow their portfolio, while maintaining control over their assets, we offer Portfolio Partner®. This is a portfolio service that includes a generous annual trade allotment bundled with preferred client features for one single fee.

For others who prefer to leave all the investing decisions to professional investment managers, we offer CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Consulting Service. This is the number one service of its kind in Canada, allowing you to choose from a variety of different investment strategies managed by the world's best investment managers to build a diversified portfolio.

Select Investment Advisors at CIBC Wood Gundy are also qualified Portfolio Managers or Associate Portfolio Managers. These Investment Advisors offer an exclusive service called Advisor Managed Account, where they administer their own personally designed portfolios.

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