Your Investments And Taxes

Earning a reasonable return on your money is more than just a matter of investing in the right securities. Recognizing the tax implications of your investment decisions may help you to maximize your after-tax investment returns.

Outside of an RRSP, you are taxed differently on investment earnings, depending on the type of return: interest, dividends or capital gains. To help you maximize your returns, you will want to know how you can make the most of the tax provisions. The rules for deductions and various types of losses are also detailed.

CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisors can help you plan your investments to take advantage of many tax saving strategies. Be aware that any tax strategies mentioned in these Web pages should not be undertaken without first seeking independent tax advice from a tax planning professional.

Marginal Tax Rates for Individual Investors

Your tax rate depends on your overall income. The more you make, the higher your marginal tax rate, which can approach 50%, depending upon the province in which you live.

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