Payout Annuities

In planning your retirement, income can come from many sources. If one of your financial goals is to create a guaranteed income, then you should consider a payout annuity.

Payout annuities can be purchased from either registered or non-registered savings. Once purchased, payout annuities provide income either for a chosen term (a term-certain annuity) or for life (a life annuity).

You may find it helpful to ask yourself the following questions about your future income needs:

  • Are you more concerned with meeting living expenses or preserving the capital of your estate?
  • Are your future retirement income needs and sources of income predictable?
  • Is there a possibility your income requirements may change?
  • Will non-registered investments be a source of future income?

If you question whether you might outlive your retirement savings, then a life annuity might be the answer for you. Life annuities are designed to protect you from outliving your investments, because they guarantee an income for life. Additionally, you may purchase a payout annuity for a specific term, known as a term-certain annuity.

A life licensed Investment Advisor will be happy to review all your questions and answers with you concerning your retirement income options. He or she will also help you decide which option is best for your personal situation.

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