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Our Online Support

Our Online Support

How do I get access to CIBC Wood Gundy Online?

Your Investment Advisor can enrol you. When you begin your relationship with us, you will receive a comprehensive Welcome Kit that details our services and obligations to you. Within this kit, you will find an Online Access Form that should be completed and returned to your Investment Advisor.

How do I get continuing online support?

You can contact Client Services at 1 (866) 271-9393, Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET, for online support and passwords.

What can I do to enhance my personal PC security?

  • Keep your account information and password secret.
  • Don't leave your account information or password in an open area where someone might see it.
  • Don't send privileged account information (account number, password, etc.) via e-mail.
  • Don't use passwords that incorporate your name, telephone number, address or birthdate or those of any close friend or relative.
  • Change your password regularly and vary both the text and length each time. If you change your password monthly, don't reuse the same password for at least one year.
  • Don't use a password that is the same as your User ID.
  • Don't use a password you use for anything else.
  • Don't use any part of your bank card number as your password.
  • Use a quality anti-virus program as often as possible.
  • Close your web browser after signing off or clear your browser's cache.

What do I do if I forget my password?

PVQs (Personal Verification Questions) have just been introduced to Wood Gundy Online. Fast and easy to set up, they'll help you retrieve a forgotten password online at any hour of the day. Learn more.

What do I do if my User ID has been suspended?

Contact Client Services to have your password reset. For contact information and hours of operations see Contact Us. You will be asked for some personal information to confirm your identity before your User ID can be unsuspended.

What research will I get if I go online?

As a CIBC Wood Gundy client, you will get access to the highly respected research of CIBC World Markets and CIBC Woody Gundy's Private Client Investing in the password-protected section of our Web site. This will give you information on hundreds of companies worldwide and the ability to make more informed decisions with your Investment Advisor. If you prefer, you can also ask your Investment Advisor to provide this information to you by other means. In addition to research reports, you'll also get access to quick-changing market data that enables you to keep a direct eye on marketplace behaviour as you review your portfolio.

What account information will I get if I go online?

Through CIBC Wood Gundy Online, you can get the most up-to-date view of your accounts. You'll find the values of your holdings as current as the previous business day, or in the case of equities and options, with just a 20-minute delay. Your account information will include your balances, holdings, transaction history, trade confirmations and account details; you'll also get your statements. If you have any questions about your account information, feel free to speak to your Investment Advisor.

What market data will I get if I go online?

You will get a market overview that provides data for the Canadian and international markets, key numbers and breaking news from Reuters. You will also be able to look at the major movers on five stock exchanges: The TSX, TSX Venture, NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ. You can get 10 stock quotes simultaneously, news and charts and can create up to five individual portfolio trackers by using the CIBC Wood Gundy Portfolio Tracker tool.

May I place trades online?

Any investment activity you undertake will be handled on your behalf by your CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisor. CIBC Wood Gundy Online is intended to supplement the service provided to you by your Investment Advisor, but not to replace the value he/she brings to the investment strategy and management process.

Will my Investment Advisor provide any services online?

Many CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisors host their own Web sites as a means of providing further support to their clients. The nature of this support varies between individual Investment Advisors but does provide a value-added point of contact for clients. CIBC Wood Gundy actively encourages and provides resources to its Investment Advisors to build their own personalized Web sites. To find an advisor, click here

Can I update my account information online?

For your convenience, we make certain forms (e.g., a beneficiary designation form) available through CIBC Wood Gundy Online. These can be easily printed off, quickly completed and returned to your Investment Advisor. We do not offer the ability to update account information online for security reasons. However, we are constantly looking to improve the delivery of our services by providing additional online resources where feasible and desired by our clients.

I have other CIBC accounts. Can I get access to them from here?

Yes, you can access your CIBC Online Banking and CIBC Wealth Management Online Investment Accounts using one simple sign-on. By creating an association between your CIBC Online Banking and your CIBC Wealth Management Online Investment Account(s), you can easily navigate between the sites without having to sign on separately.

How do I create an association between my CIBC Online Banking and CIBC Wood Gundy accounts?

First, you must have a CIBC Wood Gundy account with online access. If your CIBC Wood Gundy account is not set up for online access, your Investment Advisor can enroll you. To create an association, begin by signing on to either the CIBC Wood Gundy or CIBC Online Banking Web site and then click on either Banking Connection under the Investing tab or Customer Services under the Banking tab, respectively.

The information contained herein is considered accurate at the time of posting. CIBC and CIBC World Markets Inc. reserve the right to change any of it without prior notice. It is for general information purposes only.

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