Getting Prepared: Consolidating Your Investments

Perhaps you're already a client of CIBC Wood Gundy but have a portion of your investments with another organization or even more than one. And maybe you've come to realize that having your money parcelled out isn't producing the results you had hoped for and/or is becoming a time-consuming and inefficient way of managing your hard-earned assets. Consider consolidating your investments with us. Here are 10 good reasons why:

Take Action Today to Simplify Your Financial Life

  1. Consolidation enables your Investment Advisor to get a true picture of your portfolio; asset allocation is enhanced when all assets are known.
  2. In the face of changing markets, the response time is minimized.
  3. As investment proceeds build up, they can be redeployed more quickly for the possibility of better returns.
  4. You get the expertise and offerings of the CIBC Group of Companies as a whole: a broad spectrum of solutions that could better match your needs at all lifecycle stages.
  5. The possibility of simplifying your estate planning and administration – for you and for your heirs.
  6. It's easier to understand how your investments are performing when you get one integrated set of reports from one organization.
  7. Essential tax receipts are arranged to flow from a common source on a timely basis, which should enable you to work more effectively with your tax advisor.
  8. You can get access to CIBC Wood Gundy Online: The password-protected portion of our Web site offers access to account information, research and more.
  9. Converting from your RRSP to another investment vehicle with one advisor who knows you well can make the experience – and quite possibly the outcome – much better.
  10. You don't have four family doctors; better control and greater peace of mind are possible if you consolidate your portfolio with your CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisor.

Use our Find An AdvisorOpens a new window in your browser. tool to locate a CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisor near you and take the first step to achieving the financial future you want.