CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Consulting Service

You’re unique and so are your ambitions. That’s why tailoring your investment portfolio to meet your wealth goals makes sense.

CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Consulting Service is a separately managed account program. You hold all stocks, bonds, cash and other investment securities in your name in one or more separate accounts.

Enjoy these benefits with our service:

  • You have freedom to focus on what matters to you while our experts manage your wealth.
  • You decide what investments to include and how much exposure you want, based on your goals. As your advisor, we’ll personalize your portfolio together and meet regularly to ensure your portfolio aligns with your objectives.
  • Your portfolio is led by professional managers who are carefully selected and monitored. They use diverse strategies, covering all major asset classes and investment styles. You can also choose from a selection of mutual funds, pooled funds and exchange-traded funds.
  • Your fees may be tax deductible for non-registered accounts, offering greater potential growth. You’ll also receive annual fee summaries to help with your taxes.
  • Your comprehensive reporting includes your account’s performance, fee summaries and trades, offering a clear picture of your progress against your goals.

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