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Discover how easy it is to keep track of your investment accounts, review exclusive research and analyst reports and explore a variety of tools, resources and features.

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View and manage your accounts

After you sign on, select Account Information to see an overview of your accounts, holdings, transaction history and more.

Each tab displays essential information you can use to effectively manage your investments and keep track of activity in your accounts. You can also download the information from these tabs.

My Accounts

Here you can see an overview of your CIBC Wood Gundy accounts.

  • Total Market Value of your portfolio is displayed along with the market value of each of your CIBC Wood Gundy accounts, if you have more than one.

Account Holdings

In Account Holdings, the contents of your accounts are organized into 3 tabs:

  • The Most Recent tab gives you a breakdown of your securities and cash, and provides you with the most up-to-date prices available during market hours.
  • The Last Business Day tab gives you a detailed snapshot of your portfolio performance for the previous trading day.
  • The Book Value tab provides direct access to both book values and unrealized capital gains or losses.


Most Recent

This tab shows changes to your portfolio during market hours. Before the market opens for the day, pre-market activity will be shown. Get a quick summary of your account, including cash balance, market value of your portfolio and available margin. The change values of your equity positions on this tab will reset each morning to prepare for the next trading session. Your daily change values can still be found on the Last Business Day tab.

  • You can see dollar and percentage price changes for securities with intraday price movements.
  • You have the option of sorting your holdings several ways, including by currency, price and market value.
  • Relevant messages are displayed under the security name to inform you of important information, such as stock splits.


Last Business Day

This tab gives you a detailed snapshot of your portfolio performance for the previous trading day.

  • The arrow next to each security provides you with quick access to relevant market information such as news, charts and research.
  • For each security, the stock symbol and the market on which it trades are available and provide a quick link to related quotes and research.

Book Value

The Book Value tab allows you to see how your portfolio and individual holdings are performing relative to their book value. Some account information is only available in the sub-account view of your portfolio.

  • The dollar and percentage gain or loss is available for each asset type in your portfolio.
  • You can quickly see how a security is priced relative to its book value.
  • The asset breakdown pie chart gives you a visual snapshot of your portfolio asset allocation.

Transaction History

The Transaction History tab displays your past trades and transactions at a glance.

  • You can download your transactions for the past 45 or 70 days.
  • You can sort and filter your transaction history by various fields such as transaction type, symbol and currency.

Get the latest quotes and research

With CIBC Wood Gundy Online, you have access to research and analyst reports from industry experts, including Standard & Poor's, CIBC World Markets and Reuters.

You can also access other tools and features.

  • Customize up to 20 Watch Lists and choose a default Watch List to be displayed for each session.
  • Set up customized alerts on everything from stock prices and market changes to new analyst reports, all delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Easily toggle between CAD and USD rates and use predictive symbol search to help you quickly find the stock you're looking for.
  • Browse through the Market Centre and Stock Centre tabs to get the detailed information you need to stay in the know.

Market Centre

The Market Centre tab displays comprehensive market information, including charts, an at-a-glance view of daily market performance and the latest financial headlines, allowing you to stay informed of the day's market activity.

  • Save a chart template as your default view and on mobile compare charts with indices and stocks.

Stock Centre

In the Stock Centre tab, you can find stocks that suit your investment needs using the Stock Screener tool.

  • Quickly view the latest upgrades and downgrades and get the most current ratings from CIBC analysts.
  • Customize up to 20 Watch Lists and choose a default Watch List to be displayed for each session.

Benefit from additional features

In the User Preference section of Wood Gundy Online, you can make changes to your account preferences, including your sign on password and personal verification questions. We also offer a variety of tools, resources and features designed to complement the services provided by your Investment Advisor.

Associate Online Banking with Online Brokerage

When you associate your CIBC Online Banking© account with your CIBC Wood Gundy account, you’ll be able to view and manage both accounts with one username and one password. Once set up, you can switch seamlessly between the CIBC Online Banking and CIBC Wood Gundy sites during the same online session.


To access your electronic documents such as account statements, trade confirmations, tax documents and quarterly portfolio reviews in one convenient location, go to Account Information and select eDocuments.

Securities Trade Confirmations

Your securities trade confirmations can always be accessed in eDocuments whether you choose to receive them by mail or online only.

Securities trade confirmations are available from CIBC Wood Gundy for a period of 7 years following the year they were issued.

Tax Documents

You can view, download and print your annual tax package and tax slips, including the CIBC Wood Gundy Client Tax Brochure.

About My Investment Advisor

Visit your Investment Advisor’s website directly from CIBC Wood Gundy Online. You’ll find your Investment Advisor’s contact information, articles, reports and information on products and services.

Please contact us to learn more about these additional features.

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