Long-term Care Insurance

Plan Ahead For Long-Term Care

If you are close to, or in the early years of retirement, you need to consider the expenses you would incur if you require home care or residential care due to incurring a chronic illness or simply old age impairing your well-being. Rather than risk passing the burden of these costs onto relatives, a financial strategy for long-term care should be considered as an integral component of any comprehensive financial plan. One of the simplest and most effective means of accomplishing this goal is through long-term care insurance.

Insurance Designed To Meet Your Needs

Long-term care insurance provides you with tax-free benefit payments that can be used for service and support to maintain quality of life and help you complete basic daily tasks.

Advantages of long-term care policies include:

  • Benefits 
    Covers home care services and institutional residential care expenses related to the onset of a chronic illness.
  • Customization 
    Policies can be tailored to your exact needs and specify both daily benefit amounts, as well as the type of care – home versus institutional – you wish to receive.
  • Coverage specifics 
    Can range from home nursing care arrangements, therapists and other support services, as well as which residential facility you want to enter should the need arise.

Learn More From A CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisor

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