Life & Wealth Protection

Protection For What Matters

You've worked hard to set and meet your financial goals so you can realize your dreams. But in life there can be many unexpected events, some welcome and others not so welcome. These unforeseen occurrences as well as inflation, unanticipated expenses and taxes can erode the value of your assets. And with longer life expectancies and higher costs of long-term care, securing what you've got becomes critical.

Benefit From Wealth Preservation Strategies

By putting a solid wealth preservation plan in place you will have a strategy to protect the value of your assets from any potential damage. You can also gain peace of mind knowing that you've made provisions to protect your financial future. Some of the most valuable benefits include:

  • Securing the financial future of your family by protecting and preserving the value of your assets
  • Being financially prepared to deal with illness and needs for long-term care
  • Alleviating the financial stress your family could experience in the unfortunate event of your untimely passing or inability to work
  • Ensuring the full value of your assets is passed on directly to your heirs

Integrating Life Insurance In Your Plans

Life insurance can be an effective component of your overall wealth preservation strategy. A variety of life insurance policies can be tailored to your needs to preserve the assets you've worked so hard to build. Some financial protection issues life insurance can address include:

  • Estate Planning: Ensures that your assets and earnings can do you the most good while you're alive, and enables you to provide for your heirs after your death.
  • Insurance Investing: Can help in planning for your retirement years to make sure you can meet your income needs as the cost of living rises.
  • Life Insurance: Provides an effective safety net to protect against financial loss arising from your death. It will help soften the financial blow to your dependents if the unthinkable happens.
  • Accident & Sickness Insurance: Prepares you for the future in the event that disability or critical illness strike.

Find The Solution That's Right For You

Choosing the financial protection that's right for your circumstances can be challenging. Your CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisor can introduce you to a qualified Estate Planning Specialist (Financial Security Advisor in Quebec). Together they can provide individual attention to assist you in selecting a policy most appropriate for you. To find out how we can help you, use our Find An AdvisorOpens a new window in your browser. tool to contact a CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisor near you.